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technology and materials
We use the best media to druku.Tworzywa plastics, films for printing, wood, glass and plastik.Dodatkowo many other finishing materials and dekoracyjnych.Nasze materials dedicated to outdoor advertising / indor meet the latest standards and have all the necessary certyfikaty.Jesteśmy able to organize most materials on which we can make professional printing of direct and applied by the film.

  • Film cast: has been created for ribbed. What sets it apart from the film roll is that the extension does not return to its former shape. Used mainly to change the body color and in places where there is artwork on the rounded shapes (eg. Bumpers). As a rule, is about three years longer shelf life. Zadaćsobie should question whether our car will operate at 10 years? Our practice shows that, unfortunately, even the most expensive and the best cast film can go deep ribbed some car models. More in technology.
  • The film rolled: most often used for long-term advertising on vehicles. This is a good material that gives us a compromise between price and quality. Shelf life is generally seven years. If this material is the most important type of mounting. How do we do that our film holds up longer than others? For this question, you will find the answer in the section technology.
  • Economic Foil: designed for any kind of short-term promotions and campaigns. It is a medium that we can easily remove or change to another. Shelf life up to 3 years.
  • board PVC: lightweight synthetic plate ideal for UV printing and wrapping foil. The versatile use of the tables, plates, stands, posters. Easy to process, resistant to water and mechanical damage. Very popular and frequently used media of all types of graphics. Also available in other colors.
  • plexiglass plate (acrylic – synthetic glass): plate appearance resembling glass. High hardness and gloss dedicated to UV printing. It tolerates external conditions. Used in the production of stands, pockets for leaflets, labels and various types of signs. Easy to cut .Można use them instead of glass but has a lower resistance to mechanical damage.
  • HIPS: boards with polystyrene also available in other colors. Often used for UV printing. Low price and high hardness makes it a very popular substrate for UV printing or any type of graphical presentation
  • Dibond: The layered composite panel very hard sometimes imitating metals (aluminum, steel).
    Durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions. Perfectly suitable for processing as well as UV printing.
    For more information about the materials you can find technical data sheets.

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